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A Woman's Guide To Cigar Shapes


"A big one" and "the small one" may not be proper cigar-terminology to describe a cigar shape, yet a familiar phrase among aspiring sister and brothers of the leaf.

Selecting the perfect stick and shape will increase your smoking experience. Managing your cigar cuts and taste profiles can be overwhelming, trust me, I know! But take it one smoke selection at a time. So here goes - below is a list of cigar shape starters that will further your knowledge.

There are two cigar types: 'parejo' and 'figarjo;' parejo has straight sides and a round top (cap). Figarjo would be any other shape that tapers sharply at the head, very much like a conehead (Do you remember that movie?).

Let's get into it:


My Fathers LeBijou 1922
My Fathers LeBijou 1922

This the most popular of shaped cigars, the torpedo is simply a figarjo with a pointed head. A torpedo may also be box-pressed. EXAMPLE: My Fathers LeBijou 1922


Oliva Serie O Perfecto
Oliva Serie O Perfecto

A perfecto is narrow at the head and foot (usually to a point at both ends) and bulging in the middle, like the Oliva above. Pretty much looks like a snake that's swallowed a mouse. Unlike torpedos, the head of a perfecto is rounded like the head of a parejo. Perfectos vary greatly in length, from 4 1/2 inches to unwieldy 9-inch cigar. EXAMPLE: Oliva Serie O Perfecto


Crazy Alice by Drew Estate
Crazy Alice by Drew Estate

Pyramids are cigars with cut feet, like figarjos, but with heads tapered to a point. Generally, the cigars measure from 6 to 7 inches in length, with ring gauges of about 40. The pyramid is treasured because the tapered head allows for complex flavors. EXAMPLE: Crazy Alice by Drew Estate


Tabak Especial by Drew Estate
Tabak Especial by Drew Estate

Traditionally, belicosos are short pyramids, often with a slightly rounded pyramid head. They often measure from 5 to 5 1/2 inches, with ring gauges of about 50. Today's belicosos, however, are often coronas or corona gordas with tapered heads. EXAMPLE: Tabak Especial by Drew Estate


Davidoff Nicaragua Diademas
Davidoff Nicaragua Diademas

Diademas are enormous; 8 1/2 inches or longer. The head is tapered, though often not to a complete point. The cigar then tapers down to a foot that can be open like a parejo or closed like a perfecto This is a cigar to be enjoyed when you have time to burn. Example: Davidoff Nicaragua Diademas


I've added this size in honor of Litto Gomez who is a true innovator in the industry. The chisel has a distinctive shape for a cigar, which is a flattened figurado with a head that looks like a handtool or the mouthpiece of a woodwind instrument. EXAMPLE: La Flor Dominicana Air Bender Chisel. Trademark.


There's no pressure to remember all of these right this second. Be aware, explore, and test out a different shape with every smoke experience.

It's guaranteed to evolve your smoking.

Let us know which shape you fancy in the comments below! We’d also be happy to answer any questions you may have!