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Beginner: Cigar Cuts For Women

Beginner: Cigar Cuts For Women

The first few times I smoked it was under the guidance of a few #botl. They bought and cut the cigar for me; gentleman! I learned very late in my experience how to cut a cigar. To be honest I would just hand my cigar to someone who asked to see what I was smoking and the cut magically appeared. Not realizing my oblivion to a whole step but I knew one thing, as a beginner, what people refer to as a 'straight cut' mostly done by using a guillotine cutter almost took me out; I almost died from the amount of smoke filtering through the cap.

I soon discovered a more controlled variable to my smoking struggle - the punch. It's a small hole cut out in the cap allowing much less smoke to infiltrate during your pull. This was a saving grace for being a beginner; not truly understanding the idea of not inhaling and the fascination of exhaling enough smoke that makes you feel like you're really in the game proved balance.

There are different ways to cut your cigar based on your personal preference but while you're trying to figure out what suits you best, I believe a 'Punch' is a beginner winner.

Learning which cut is for you is only 50% of the process in cigar cutting. You must learn to hold and cut without damaging the cigar's structure. How, you ask? Once the cigar is in position (and you don't feel like you're not gonna drop it), cut it swiftly, quickly and confidently no matter which tool you choose.

There are a number of devices that will help you cut your cigar in a single, swift motion that minimizes the chances of tearing the wrapper; your cigar smoking will improve over time by pairing different cuts with the cigars to experience various cigar taste.

Below are a few cuts to ease into:


Single blade cuts are designed to cut off the cap or as some call a 'straight cut.'

Pros: This will be the cheapest cutter you can find.

Cons: The blade isn't always the strongest or the most sharp so you'll need to cut your cigar in a quick and fluid movement so the cigar doesn't fall apart.


It is similar to the guillotine, but having two blades cutting in opposite directions provides a more precise cut. This function ensures a clean cut every time.

Pros: You can cut any shape cigar

Cons: Cutting below 1/4' past the cap will unravel your cigar. The closer to the top the better.


The punch is a clean and small hole made on the head of a cigar with a pushing and twisting motion.

Pros: You don't have to be proficient in cutting, and you can carry this cutter on your key ring. It's pretty convenient.

Cons: It's impossible to use on torpedoes shaped cigars.


Cigar Cuts For Women
Cigar Cuts For Women

It's a blade in the shape of a V; the V-shape space made with this cutter is similar to the punch; creating a slim and deep opening and controlled smoke.

Pros: Gives you more open cap area than the punch.

Cons: If you don't align the cutter just right, your V-Cut will be off center.


There's no pressure to own a cutter on your own in the beginning, all lounges will carry at least 3 of the four mentioned. Explore with all four, measure your intake and get familiar with your preference. It's guaranteed to evolve your experience!

Let us know your thoughts on cutters and comments below! We’d also be happy to answer any questions you may have!