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Hey Ladies, Try These Sweet & Mild Cigars

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Truth-of-the-matter, my first "infused or flavored" cigar was selected for me and any over-thought about "what to smoke' was cast away. I learned, cigars infused with a sweet flavor are a woman's gateway into this so-called boys club.

Chances are, your first cigar was a flavored stick or it should be. Smoking a cigar infused with coffee, mocha or chocolate (sweetness, that's right ladies!) makes it easier to transition into a competitive tobacco;

I'll have you know, flavored cigars are the most popular variety of premiums by volume consumed than any other type of cigar. HELLO!

I often get emails from women desiring to smoke with their fellow beaus, so, allow me to indulge you with a few of my personal favorite sweet tipped cigars made of unique tobaccos and blending styles to jumpstart your experience.

Tabak Especial

Hey Ladies, Try These Mild Cigars

Tabak Negra was my very first cigar! It's a coffee Infused cigar using the very finest Nicaraguan tobaccos & Nicaragua estate grown coffee called Selva Negra from the mountains of Jinotega & Matagalapa. I won't BS you, I have no idea where these two places are but I enjoy what they've produced greatly.

The sweetest of them all In this family is the Dulce which has a sweeter cap and is super creamy. The Negra, a dark rich Maduro broadleaf with a solid smoke and a slightly bolder taste. These cigars are more traditional – smooth and easy to enjoy.

What to look for in the smoke:

Negra: Coffee, cocoa and mild spice

Dulce: Bold coffee, light and sweet, Peppery finish

Cigar Cut:

Punch or V-Cut

Deadwood’s Yummy Bitches

Hey Ladies, Try These Mild Cigars

Let me introduce you to the baddest bitches around! According to Drew Estate, "Sweet Jane was born in the brothels of this historic city. She is naughty and got her reputation for breaking hearts and bringing the strongest men to their knees. Fat Bottom Betty came out of Rehab in 2013 to spread some large ass lovin’ with her sister Sweet Jane. Crazy Alice showed up in 2014; she is one pistol crackin’ little hussy!"

They're wrapped in a Maduro wrapper with a sweet tip.

What to look for in the smoke:

Sweet Jane: Dinner smoke, brown sugar flavor,

Crazy Alice: Mexican Mocha Latte, black pepper, The pyramid shape makes it good for a quick, intense smoke

Fat Bottom Betty: Dark chocolate, Mesquite

Cigar Cut Recommendation:

SJ: Punch or V-cut

CA: Straight Cut

FBB: V-Cut or Punch

Java by Drew Estate

Hey Ladies, Try These Mild Cigars

Out of my faves, I've seen more men puff this than any other infused or sweet-tip cigar. Java is a collaborative effort between Drew Estate and Rocky Patel. It's a flavorful infusion that packs a punch, not in strength, but in flavor. They taste delicious and offer a slow burn; the smoke is smooth and enticing to the people around you.


What to look for in the smoke:

Latte: Mocha, chocolate, coffee. Morning smoke.

Mint: Hint of mint, chocolate. Pairing - coffee or whiskey

Maduro: Cocoa, coffee, chocolate. Post dinner smoke

Red: sweet cherries, dark cocoa, roasted coffee. Pairing - espresso.

Cigar Cut: Punch

NUB Café Espresso

Hey Ladies, Try These Mild Cigars

I’ll admit, I've never tried the NUB Café line, but it's known best for its morning pairing of coffee - it is true, cigars are lit before work! These fat little stogies come packed with coffee-loving flavor in a medium bodied blend of Dominican binder. If you like your morning or afternoon joe, I highly implore you try NUB Café with me.

I've read, occasionally, the wrapper seems thin and flaky but this could be solved by having the correct humidor degrees or licking the wrapper like I do when it starts unraveling, HA!

What to look for in the smoke:

Expresso: Chocolate smell, cocoa, vanilla, coffee, espresso

Cappuccino: Coffee bean, spice

Cigar Cut:

Punch or V-Cut

* Cross cut, if you're feeling froggy

Hey Ladies, Try These Mild Cigars

Baccarat may be among the best selling cigars from coast to coast, but it wasn't my favorite. There are plenty of women who adore this stick and it's worth the try. It is made by the esteemed Davidoff Cigar company. The cap is not as sweet as the aforementioned; mild smoke that has a hint of sweetness.

I recommend this as a transitional stick when you're ready to make the big girl jump from sweet to mild. It has a smooth draw with a creamy finish.

What to look for in the smoke: Cocoa, nutmeg, a touch of wheat

Cigar Cut:

Punch or V-Cut

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