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How I Seasoned My Electric Cigar Humidor

A cigar smokers apex is to own the creme-de-la-creme of humidors: An Electric Cigar Humidor! It’s spacious, accomodating, has active humidity and can store both cigar boxes and single sticks. There comes a time to upgrade from tuppadors and 25 count humidors.

…and my time has come!

I upgraded my 25-50 count humidors to an 840 count Electric Cigar Humidor from New Air. Seasoning an electric humidor is MUCH MORE complex than adding a humidor bag to your tabletop storage so, I enlisted assistance from the humidification gurus over at Boveda and this is what they had to say:

Boveda says:

So why 84% RH? Using this high RH, you can raise the humidity inside your cigar humidor in just 14 days. After a mere two weeks, you’ll achieve 70% RH, which is ideal for premium cigars. Replace the seasoning packs with Boveda in your preferred RH—69% RH, 72% RH or 75%.

It’s the capacity of the cigar humidor that determines how many 84% Boveda bags you use; in my case I needed 9; one pack per 100 cigar capacity.

840 count New air electric humidor and boveda humidor bags
Boveda Humidor Bags


  • It’s an 84% Boveda pack for every 100 cigars your humidor holds (Boveda 84% RH (relative humidity). ; in my case, 9 were used.

  • Added a couple per shelf, closed that beauty and I KEPT IT SHUT FOR 21 DAYS (recommended 14 but I’m crazy that way).

  • After removing the rock hard humidor bags, I added one shot glass filled with distilled water per shelf for another week or until the liquid evaporated. This is to ensure the wood is moisturized thoroughly (a little gem from a trusted advisor).

  • I removed the glasses, added my cigars, set my desired temperature and shut the door for two weeks WITHOUT opening.

  • …and viola!


  • This 840 count humidor does NOT actually hold 840 cigars; in my experience, adding more than 350 cigars has sent my temperature rising and the distilled water tank dry needing to be filled every week or so.

  • The active humidity tends to circulate more in the back. Rotating your cigars bi-weekly has been important.

  • I really wish the drawers were deeper; my cigars are currently falling to the back.

All bull aside, this is a time consuming project and patience is important. But the rewards are worth it.

Everything you need, here.


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