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Ladies, Get Your Hands on the Perfect Travel Humidifiers

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Cigar Humidor

Have you ever travelled with your cigars? Ever use that little pocket tucked inside your purse for everything - lipstick, gum, floss and all the little things we despise "digging" for? Hands up for those who've gently placed a cigar there thinking it would be safe?


The time has come! A cigar smoking life without the proper tools can be disastrous for your cigars and affect your overall experience.

Ladies, you need a humidifier. Every #sotl needs a humidifying routine. Humidifiers need cigars.

We've talked about how cigar cuts can evolve your smoking experience, shapes broadening your cigar knowledge and offered recommendations on a beginning stick; now we're ready to offer you the one item tying them together: A humidifier.

Traveling isn't exclusive to international destinations; in fact, anytime you leave your house with cigars in tow is the perfect opportunity to test-drive the proper way to store them. Let's take a peek at my top 5 ways to care for cigars:

Boveda Humidity Pack

  • Shelf Life: 2 years

  • Bóveda provides the cleanest and most purified humidity of all other products available on the market today.

  • Removes excess and adds the amount of humidity to within +/- one degree!


Responds to external conditions and will add or remove moisture as necessary.


High maintenance costs.

Water Pillows: Cigar, Pipe Humidification

  • Small

  • Convenient

  • Long-lasting

  • Can be rehydrated by using distilled water


Work great in ziplock bags


They're known to develop small mold spots. Do not use tap water.

The DryMistat

  • 70% relative humidity at all time

  • Leak proof

  • Roughly the length of a Churchill cigar

  • Releases water vapor when it’s needed

  • Allow a few days to achieve a stable 68% to 72% relative humidity.


Fits easily into any travel humidor.


The small holes on the cap don't expose enough of the gel's surface area to properly humidify anything larger than a travel sized humidor or ziplock bag.


  • Work for a week or two

  • Use distilled water


works well during a week-long vacation


They only add humidity when low. However they do not remove it when the percentage is too high.

Humidified Bag

  • All-in-one self-contained unit. Keeps cigars fresh without the need for a humidor, a humidifier, or bottles of solution.

  • Holds 5-8 Cigars

  • Provides an air tight seal.

  • No need to monitor the humidity, they work well in the time frame given


For storage past recommended weeks, you can add a boveda pack or other humidification source


They offer no protection to the cigar in terms of getting bent or crushed.


The most common mistake for travelers is buying or being gifted a cigar and not smoking it immediately. When you don't smoke it, the likelihood of it drying out are 9 in 10 and you end up tossing it or simply talking about how you got a cuban from Cuba because you aren't sure how to store it.

I challenge you to invest in a travel humidifier. It'll spark some motivation to keep smoking and become an even better #sotl.