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Ladies, Let's Talk Humidifying Your Sticks!

@SISTERSINSMOKE Boveda Humidifier Pack

I was paranoid the first week of owning my humidor. A real life box. I'M OFFICIAL! Well, kind of...

Truth-of-the-matter is, I've made a few mistakes surrounding the upkeep of my cigars. Investing in a humidor, which normally comes in the shape of a box, feels like a rites of passage in which every serious cigar smoker graduates. You feel like a proud puffer!

I am proud of my magic box.

The more trips I take, the more my life calls for different types of cigar storage and knowledge about humidifying my sticks; ways more conducive to my traveling ways.

Below are things I didn't know about storing my cigars:

Mistake #1: tossing all your sticks in this box and putting the box on a shelf.

Humidors cannot stand alone in freshness without humidifiers. I had so many questions; do I place my cigars inside and just shut the top? How many humidifier packs do I add to keep cigars fresh? What percentage humidifier packs are standard? How long does it take for the percentage to raise the degree in my box?

Questions I was too intimidated to ask my guy friends. So, I settled on believing my hygrometer was broken and got to googling.

Managing the humidity percentage for your cigars is complicated when you don't know what you're doing; I did not.

Truth? There are no right or wrong percentages, just your preference in whether you like a dry smoke or an even dryer smoke.

However, it is important to become familiar with which humidifying percentage you like in order to maintain a consistent smoke and for preventative measures; weather, traveling, or improper storage may cause your sticks to crack and unravel.

My Something To Remember: The dryer the cigar, the more moisture is needed. The more moisture needed calls for a higher percentage in humidor packs. So, if you start at 69% and your cigars aren't preforming the way you like or they're cracking try the 72% for 30 days and monitor the changes.

Mistake #2: Thinking humidors only came in box form.

@SistersInSmoke Boveda 1yr humidor bag

Truth is, there's this gem called, Boveda Humidor Bag. It comes with a 69% humidifier pack and I've gotten 10-12 sticks in this bag comfortably. It's been a great travel companion and a superb conversation piece.

When I show up with this bad-girl, all heads turn and people call me, "official."

It's important to note, this bag comes with a 69% humipack and can be replaced. There's a difference between the humipacks and the bags, and they don't necessarily come together. The bags come with the packs, but the humipacks don't come with the bags.

Which leads me to my final point...

Mistake #3: Not knowing the life span of humipacks

@SistersInSmoke Reviving Boveda Packs

What your friends don't tell you, is when your humipack that comes with your humidor bag is stale (or "crunchy" as I call it), DO NOT throw out your Boveda Humidor Bag - just buy a new humipack. I repeat, DO NOT THROW YOUR BAG AWAY!

When there aren’t many soft spots left on your pack (give it a good squeeze), then you’ll know when to replace them. It's completely normal for pronounced crystallization and hardening of the corners to happen as a part of the usage process.

Once your humipack "gets hard," you can purchase another 69% pack - my preference is 72% - and toss it inside.


Use one humidifier packet for every 25 cigars. For example, a 100 cigar count in the humidor would require four packs.

Keeping cigars in good quality is what a humidifier is suppose to do.

Bóveda provides the cleanest and most purified humidity of all other products available on the market today.

Bonus: Boveda humidifier packs can also be used for weed. FYI:)


When you haven't earned your #sotl stripes yet, but at times finding yourself in the company of those who are, buying this 1 Year Humidor Bag to carry will prepare you for those occasions. I travel a lot and it has held up well so far. It keeps the moisture at about 65-70%.

Don't have many cigars? No worries, Boveda provides humidor bags in small, medium, and large sizes.

No water or beads to mess with. They say there's no simpler way to maintain proper humidity. So far, so good! Not to mention, owning one boosts you smoking confidence.