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The First Smoke

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

Ken Hamlin is one of my very best friends. When you’re friends with a guy, it’s best you choose one that gets who you really are, otherwise, you’ll hear him say to you in the middle of one of your rants, “ I’m not one of your girlfriends.” He said that when my intuition told me he’d found the gal of his dreams. I could feel the shift in his demeanor - for the better. A similar gesture was made when he broke the news he had retired libations in trade for cigars.

In true buddy fashion, I indulged his latest obsession.

I watched Ken roast the edges of his cigar, blow on it and intently measure the red flame. I was impressed but I thought this was a new venture. He’d clearly done this dozens of times before. My anxiety just shot from 4 to an 8 instantly and flashbacks of inadequacies arose. He hands me a Tabak Especial from Drew Estate and steps away; I’m sorry, what am I suppose to do with this? Was he going to threaten me with a demotion too?

He lights me, now realizing, with the paper band at the bottom (AMATURES!).

I committed 3 beginner infractions:

1.) Self-doubt/Intimidation. Immediately I didn’t want to engage in the unknown. For the record, I wasn’t worried about smoke in my hair but I was totally okay in not risking “looking silly.” Priorities!

2.) I inhaled. I’m sure like many others, I only knew of one way to smoke. I pondered why he didn’t illustrate how to properly pull in the smoke? I’m was sure there is a manipulation of the mouth in order to succeed.

3.) Held the cigar incorrectly. They’ll say there’s no real way but I disagree because I definitely dropped it…twice! To hold it correctly is to not drop it; do I peace-sign it? Hold it like a pencil? Wrap my index finger around it like a bacon-wrapped hotdog? Sooner or later, I found my way but finding your comfort level holding a stick is vital to your smoking experience. Just practice before you light it or your lap will suffer the consequence.

Once I smoked past the label and studied the body language of those around me, I was finally on my way. Or so I had convinced myself. What I believed to be a social call, eventually became moments I’d soon revisit. With better training of course.

What beginner infractions have you committed?

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