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Women: 5 Tips On What To Look For In A Cigar Shop

5 Tips in What To Look For In a Cigar Shop

I allowed smoking cigars to be a social occurrence for about two years; social meaning whenever my homeboy was intown that’s when I smoked. Pitiful I know, and the thought never crossed my mind to try on my own until I was asked about my preferences and why. From then on, I set out to find my own taste palette.

There are five things I needed to know before walking into a cigar shop if I wanted to participate in this puffing journey on my own:

1.) The most expensive cigar doesn’t equal the best smoke for you. If I could go back, I’d save all the distinguished cigars I was gifted (My BOTL’s Rock!); experimenting on something sweet on the lips, yet medium is both cost effective and smart.

2.) If buying instore, you should get the cigar cut before you leave. If you’re a new puffer, chances are you don’t own the tools needed. Nothing bruises the ego more than getting home to smoke and choke in peace, realizing you cannot move forward in your secret smoke session because your stick is uncut.

5 Tips On What To Look For In A Cigar Shop

3.) Test you cigar for freshness: Pinch Test. A shop owner will pick up a stick in recommendation and you’ll agree and take it to the register. Before buying, take your index finger and thumb to slightly pinch or roll it between your fingers; if it’s what I call “crispy,’ pick up another. It’ll roll unevenly and chances are its dry and you’ll pay for it later with a scratchy throat. If it’s “mushy,” pick up another. You’ll know it’s perfect when it rolls evenly between the index and thumb.

4.) Purchase a Boveda 2-way humidor pack at 69% (and get a plastic bag). When you get invited into this “boys club,” they will gift you a stick here and there and it’s best to be prepared and have a proper place to store them.


5.) Tell the cigar shop owner immediately that you’re a beginner. They’ll immediately know to give you something sweet or mild. Choose from there.

5 Tips On What To Look For In A Cigar Shop

I remember the feeling of walking into a cigar shop all by myself; Cigar Sanctuary sits on Lankershim Boulevard in Studio City California. It was the first lounge I visited without backup.

At a glance it seemed like a harmless shotgun store with a little Indian chief guarding the door but the slow walk to the front unveiled 7 fold-up chairs occupied by men throwing back stories that would make anyone’s grandpa happy.

The small sidewalk filled with asymmetric smoke and cheer forced me to make one of two decisions: Make absolutely NO eye contact or speed-walk my way past them. I went with the former because walking fast would look silly, right?!

Getting inside of a cigar lounge is 70% of the battle. No-one tells you once you’re inside, how to actually buy a cigar. That’s the remaining 30%; how to conduct yourself in a cigar shop.

Anxiety is the first emotion you feel. The second is incompetence. When the adrenaline started pumping, the first thing I did was act like I knew what I was doing; once I got past the guys out front I strolled in with my head high, picked up a stick or two and looked at them intently as if I were deciding between the two.

Little did I know, I had the pleasure of selecting from two maduros. Two cigars over my smoking grade.

After much needed guidance, thanks to Sammie, I felt like a big girl! A big girl off to smoke and choke in peace.

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